Landscaping Maitland, Newcastle and Hunter Valley



We see landscaping as both a science and an art. It can be a complete property transformation, or a few simple changes to an existing setup. Either way, any variation to your property should be carried out with precision and extreme care. Let us help you get the result you want.



To the untrained eye gardening might appear to be just another necessity of a house. To us however, a garden is a work of art. Our passionate horticulturists offer a wealth of experience and knowledge on how best to balance style, looks and the harsh and sometimes unpredictable Australian climate. Let us help make your garden the best it can be.



Once a landscaping project is completed it must be maintained to continue looking great and providing a functional outdoor space throughout the year. At its most basic this will include leaf removal, mowing, cleanup and weeding. Further work such as application of fertilizer, spraying weeds, lawn seeding, aeration, and planting of seasonal flowers, bushes, shrubs and trees may be recommended.


Laying pavers can be quite physical work and if the surface beneath the pavers is not prepared correctly it won’t be long until that flat path is an uneven trip hazard. Whether you would like us to do everything from design, paver selection, preparation and installation or just come in and do the heavy lifting we can help.



Since landscaping involves construction, an important aspect of this is concreting. A common mistake committed by people is the belief that concrete and cement are the same. Actually, cement is just one of the components of concrete, together with water and aggregate, which could either be gravel, rock or sand.


Add a relaxing outdoor entertaining area where you can be sheltered from the sun and rain. A pergola can create a focal point for a garden, a place to meet, a central courtyard or hidden retreat. A pergola is commonly constructed from powder-coated steel or wood with a paved floor and paths leading from the house to the pergola. Here are some important factors to consider when you plan to have a pergola constructed in your yard.


Whether for the start of new garden beds, a complete landscaping project or a new retaining wall, excavation by powered equipment is the most efficient way of moving earth ready for construction. Excavation is the process of digging up or digging out to remove earth and create a cavity or hole. If trees and shrubs are existing on the land to be excavated they might need to be removed or partitioned to avoid damage.


Retaining Walls

Do you have a sloped surface and you want to create a level entertaining area or tiered garden? A retaining wall supports an excavated or filled bank of soil or stone. Soil is held by one side of the retaining wall, while the other side is freestanding. This is a very common approach to maximising usable level ground on sloped housing blocks.



Decking is a great option for sloping sites, in most cases greatly reducing the need for retaining walls and sometimes removing the need all together. Decking can also be used to cover up or go over existing new concrete or old, tired concrete areas.


Completed Projects