Concreting is often an overlooked, yet important aspect of landscaping. A common mistake made by people is the belief that concrete and cement are the same. Actually, cement is just one of the components of concrete, together with water and aggregate, which could either be gravel, rock or sand.

Beneficial properties of concrete

While concrete is oftentimes associated with walls, driveways, pathways and sidewalks, concreting has many uses both in landscaping and in other home improvements. It is preferred because of the following properties:

Strength and durability

It can withstand all kinds of weather and heavy foot traffic. It can likewise resist scratches and abrasion brought by the movement of heavy equipment, appliances and furniture. It is long lasting as well.

Cost effectiveness

Compared to other materials, the use of concrete in your landscape projects is easier to install and can create a high-end appearance at a lesser cost.


It enhances both indoor and outdoor spaces and can even be used to make sinks, countertops, fireplaces and benches. It can likewise be used as border, decorative pieces like fountains, statues, birdbaths.


It can be used in a wide range of applications and designs and comes in varying texture, size, colours and surface treatment.

Low Maintenance

A concrete surface is easy to clean, maintain and is free from the growth of weeds and wild plants.

Concrete Applications

There are different types of applications to enhance the look of the concrete portion of a structure.

Concrete staining

This is an effective way to add colour using various oxides mixed in with the plain grey concrete to compliment your landscape and achieve a unique appearance. This application is popularly used in driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways and walls.

Concrete stamping

This is also known as textured concrete or imprinted concrete where patterns and colours of other building materials such as tiles, stones, brick, and wood is replicated. Stamping is often used on entries, driveways, patios, pool decks, stairs, sidewalks and walkways.

Two of the options that will create texture for your concrete are exposed aggregate and rock salt finish. In exposed aggregate, large aggregate is embedded in the wet concrete to achieve a non-skid and rugged surface. In rock salt finish, subtle texture is added to plain or coloured concrete. Becoming popular nowadays are acid-washed and sand-washed finishes which provide light texture on concrete surfaces.

Concrete resurfacing

There are times when cracks will appear on your concrete structure and resurfacing is needed. In this process, a cement based-topping will be applied on that damaged portion to have a crack-free and smooth surface.

Since concreting is a crucial and essential part of landscape construction, professional services, such as those provided by Jason Reading Landscapes are available for best results.

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