If you are after a hand surface that is practical, soft to the eye and blends in with the environment, decking may be the outdoor surface for you.

Site Considerations

Decking is a great option for sloping sites, in most cases greatly reducing the need for retaining walls and sometimes removing the need all together. Decking can also be used to cover up or go over existing new concrete or old, tired concrete areas.

Types of Decking

There are three main types of decking used today.

  1. Timber
  2. Plastic/timber composite.
  3. Cement based composite.

Timber decking is the most soft and natural choice of decking materials. There are many choices of timber to be used, ranging from softwood to hardwood. Timber is a long-lasting choice if maintained correctly. Admittedly, there is more maintenance involved with natural timber, but the end result is worth it.

Plastic/timber composite decking is produced from recycled timber by products and plastic. There are a few different types on the market, however, generally the more you pay the better the product. These decks are low maintenance but do have a few down falls. You can’t sand them back if they scratch, and they do expand and contract in different temperature ranges. With these differences aside, they are very low maintenance and do not require any oiling or up keep once installed.

Cement based composite decking is usually a little more expensive than others. The materials don’t quite give you as much of a natural look as other decking materials do, but they do have some key advantages that make them very useful in some designs and situations. They are able to be used in fire zones, are hard wearing, and low maintenance. They can give a great modern or country look to your home especially if you are trying to match certain colour schemes with your home.

If decking is something you are considering to add to your landscaping needs, make sure you contact Jason Reading Landscapes to give you a consultation on what type of decking will best suit your needs and then let us take the worry away by also constructing it for you.

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