Landscaping is both a science and an art. It is a process by which changes are made to a land area by using plants, manipulating the terrain and constructing structures, which, in effect, will give the property a complete transformation.

Our professional landscaping services will not only make your surroundings aesthetically appealing, but it will also add value to your home or business and will ensure that your outdoor spaces can be maximised and fully enjoyed.
We are available to meet with you in order to give an evaluation according to your landscapes designs, maintenance and landscaping needs.

Our team of landscapers and gardeners have many years of experience and horticultural knowledge. By creatively using plants, surfaces, water saving irrigation, drought tolerant plants and robust construction of walls, steps and hard features we will ensure the work we do has a long and attractive life given appropriate maintenance. Our team maintains high safety standards and a proactive approach to meeting the objectives of your landscaping project.

Planning your landscaping, all the way through to the design and construction of your dream.

We approach each property on its individual merits and discuss with you how the space will be used, future purposes and changes such as family, entertainment, home office and value.

A common mistake that homeowners and DIY landscapers face is committing to the purchase and construction phase without a thoroughly thought out plan. Thinking through what you would like a garden bed to look like in the context of the whole yard and estimating the time required and materials will save you time in the long run.

You may have seen examples of this in your street. It’s the half finished stone path, the hedge without a full row of shrubs, a bird bath that was never connected to water and a fish pond that looks hastily placed on the lawn.

A professional landscaping service provider has years of experience and may employ a landscape designer who will work out a plan with you of how all the space will be used, surfaces, plants, features, irrigation, soil quality and drainage. A thoughtful designer and expert landscaper will help you find the layout that will best suit your location as well as working with your personal taste, giving you exactly what you want in terms of maintenance costs (both monetary and time cost) as well as planning for how your property will grow and change over the years.

We offer a complete site assessment to check on the existing condition of the landscape, identify any natural features or rocks that may be useful and work out how to address any problems related to your vision of the end product. Existing landmarks can either be slated for removal, pruning or replacement.

For more information on our landscaping service or to arrange a free quote please call (02) 4936 2060 or shoot us an email with your job specifications to

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