Once a landscaping project is completed it must be maintained to continue looking great and providing a functional outdoor space throughout the year. At its most basic this will include leaf removal, mowing, cleanup and weeding. Further work such as application of fertilizer, spraying weeds, lawn seeding, aeration, and planting of seasonal flowers, bushes, shrubs and trees may be recommended.

Landscape maintenance is a service we provide to keep the soil, plants and presentation of your garden clean, attractive, healthy and protected. Its goes beyond the typical yard work and is always evolving since the services are needed all year round.

This is a selection of the maintenance services our team can help you with:

  • Lawn edging to separate the grass area from flower beds, walkways and curbs
  • Mulching by laying out ground cover, either organic such as dried leaves, grass, straw or inorganic cover like bricks, decorative concrete, stones gravel and sand over the top of the soil
  • Pruning and trimming, including the pick up of pruned branches and shrubs
  • Lawn mowing, leaf clearing and periodic weeding
  • Application of fertilizers and insecticides
  • Pond treatment and water feature cleaning
  • Water drainage and irrigation
  • Attracting or repelling animals such as birds and insects

When you hire our team for landscape maintenance services you can be assured that your yard and landscape will always be at its best right through the year.

For more information on our maintenance service or to arrange a free quote please call (02) 4936 2060 or shoot us an email with your job specifications to admin@jasonreadinglandscapes.com.au