Add a relaxing outdoor entertaining area where you can be sheltered from the sun and rain. A pergola can create a focal point for a garden, a place to meet, a central courtyard or hidden retreat. A pergola is commonly constructed from powder-coated steel or wood with a paved floor and paths leading from the house to the pergola. Here are some important factors to consider when you plan to have a pergola constructed in your yard.

What to consider when constructing a pergola

A pergola is typically freestanding and installed in the landscape, it gives the garden an attractive look and draws people to it. By serving as an extension of indoor rooms of the residence and provides an outdoor living space.


While a pergola usually have flat, grid of beams for its roofing or a central spired roof really any design is possible. For tropical climates you might prefer a thatched or open slat roof that provides filtered sunlight. Otherwise a roof of colorbond or tiles/shingles is going to provide the best protection from the elements.


When planning for your pergola consider the position of the sun during sunrise and sunset. The sunlight’s angle will be the one to determine how much shade will be available under a pergola. Since the sun is moving, while the pergola remains stationary, it is a fact that shade will not be provided the whole day so you need to place the pergola on a strategic location where shade can be enjoyed at its fullest during your scheduled activity under it.


How you intend to use the pergola will be a deciding factor in terms of its size. A small one can accommodate limited tables and chairs, but a wide pergola is ideal for bigger gatherings or an outdoor kitchen. A low ceilinged pergola can feel cosy and intimate while a tall ceiling will give an airy and spacious aspect.

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